Sunday, September 11, 2011

My 9/11

The term 9/11 needs no explanation.  It needs no long story.  Everyone will remember something about that day.  For me, I was 17 years old and being homeschooled as a senior in high school.  My mom had started making a birthday breakfast for my younger sister.  I went to turn on the news.  The first image I saw was the first tower burning.  I thought it was a trailer for a new movie, until I saw the word "live" etched in the corner of the screen.  Our family gathered in the living room in disbelief.  I vividly remember my Pops saying, "that has to be the work of Osama bin Laden.  Remember his attack against the USS Cole?"  He could not have been more right. 

Our worlds changed after that day. Not only in the predictable ways, but in a sense that Americans have a greater pride for their country, for their flag, for their military. I can barely get through hearing the national anthem without my eyes welling with tears, I have a continual heart of thanksgiving for our service men and women who sacrifice everything they have, and my heart bursts with pride at the sight of the American flag.

Thank you to many friends and family in the military.  A special thank you to my sister who is currently serving in Saudi Arabia after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. I'm so proud of her!

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