Tuesday, January 24, 2012

That's a Framer

You've seen this done a million times thanks to pinterest.  However, I can honestly say that this project was finished long before pinterest. I found this antique plaster frame at a garage sale for .50.  I couldn't find two quarters fast enough to give to the 60-something year old lady wearing a white t-shirt and NO bra.  Think sand in socks. Oh heavens! 

I nearly forgot a before picture.  So, here it is when started.

It wasn't a bad looking frame, but it hadn't reached it's potential.  It came without a back so I knew it needed to be reincarnated as a chalk board. You know the drill. Cut some hardwood plywood (or whatever you want to use) to fit inside your frame.  I didn't prime the wood.  Just put several coats of chalk board paint on it.  

For the treatment of the frame I simply used an antique white spray paint, distressed it a bit and gave it a quick glaze to bring out the beautiful details.  

I had a hard time finding where I wanted to hang it.  After several months (really!), I settled for a blank wall in the laundry room.  

I'm sure the board won't change much since it's out of the way in the laundry room.  It would be fun to write a note to Mr. Study and see how long it takes him to notice.

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  1. Love the frame makeover!! We have made a few as earring holders with spray paint, chicken wire and burlap. :)